I Think You Should Leave

I Think You Should Leave is an American sketch comedy television show. Tagged on Netflix as offbeat and absurb, the show stars Tim Robinson, who also co-created, wrote, and produced it and is featured along with a long list of guest stars.

Ex-Saturday Night Live cast member Tim Robinson has made quite the wild and hilarious follow-up with this series of sketches that may just leave you almost peeing-your-pants laughing. Produced by the guys behind The Lonely Island and guest-starring the likes of Sam Richardson, Will Forte, Andy Samberg, Cecily Strong and Fred Willard, there are just six episodes, the longest of which runs 18 minutes. The series had enough acclaim that it has been renewed for a second season, which is expected to be released in 2020.


Tim Robinson as Tim
Sam Richardson as Baby of the Year Host
Conner O’Malley as Robby Star
Matthew J Cates as Alan
Brianna Baker as Elizabeth
Matt Knudsen as John
Artie O’Daly as Alan
Brandon Wardell as Actor
Fred Willard as New Joe
Charles Hutchins
Judy Kain
Dinora Walcott as Pat
Gary Richardson
Michael James as Sean
Lily Sullivan as Sharon
Erik Rozet as Manager
Christopher as Kriesa
Tatiana Aarons as Liz
Americus as Big Guy
Aaron Akins as Herbie Hancock
Mark Allyn as Homeowner
Bruno Amato as Spokesman
Amy Anderson as Lisa
Jessica Jade as Melissa
Carlos Arellano as Dave
Dan Bauer as Guy
Vanessa Bayeras Brenda
Kate Berlant as Owner of Jim Davis House
Ashley Boettcher as Claire
Wil Bowers as Customer
Thomas Bromhead as Security Guard
Shellye Broughton as Cursing Woman
Ryan Caldwell as Jack
Sheila Carrasco as Vanessa
Irene Choi
Greg Chun as Game Show Announcer
Rhys Coiro as Billy
Kate Comer as Miranda
Kim D’Armond as Carol
Shawntay Dalon as Melissa
Clifton Davis as Jeffrey Carter
Jeff Davis as Dennis
Sujata Day as Laura
Dayna Dooley as Colleen
Thai Douglas as Greg
Will Forte as Old Man on Plane
Michelle Gardner as Jane
Scott Gibbs as Baby Sailor
Patti Harrison as Tracy
Tim Heidecker as Howie

Created by

Zach Kanin
Tim Robinson

Watch on


Release Date

April 23, 2019

Cast Cont’d

Ashleigh Nicole Johnson as Waitress
Dawn Joyal as Mrs. Fenton
George Kareman as Rick
Kristen Marie Kelly as Flight Attendant
Hina Khan as Megan
Chris Martin as J.J.
Steve Moulton as Big Guy
Michelle Ortiz as Karen
Brian A. Pollack as Danny
Tice Proctor as Son
Ruben Rabasa as Focus Group Man
Rob Raco as Brandon
Ellie Reed as Lauren
Jill Remez as Judge
Carmella Riley as Nancy
Jesse Robinson as T-Shirt Tugger
Andy Samberg as Paul
Carly Schneider as BBQ Attendee
Lauran September as Dawn
Hanna Stanbridge as Ruby
Cecily Strong as Brenda
Kristen Studard as Jennifer
Hudson Thames as Caleb Went
Kalina Vanska as Shopper at Mens Suit Store
Curtis Webster as Dr. Skull
Charlz Williams as Dana
Diane Witter as Boss
Akaash Yadav as Jesse
Steven Yeun as Jacob
Melody Peng as Kathy
Ervin Ross as Sean
Morgan Eliza Hill as Woman Crying at Funeral

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Editor’s Note:

At first, I didn't know what was happening to me--this is one of the weirdest shows I've ever seen. But before I knew it, I was crying laughing, and now know that this is just one of those really odd performance art pieces that you just can't get enough of. Aside from the second episode, which was too weird for me, I watched the entire series straight through. It sounds like they are dropping a second season so I'm really looking forward to that. We could use it in 2020. I think this is definitely a classic.

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I Think You Should Leave

I Think You Should Leave I Think You Should Leave is an American sketch comedy television show. Tagged on Netflix as offbeat and absurb, the…

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